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Estate Planning

Planning your estate can be complex.  Why not let us put our experience and know-how in the area of estate planning and administration to work for your benefit — and that of your family.


A UCB conservatorship can give families peace of mind in knowing that a child or grandchild’s assets are being professionally managed in their best interest.

Standby Trust

A standby trust is a proven way to ensure that at least one significant part of your future – your financial security – will be well taken care of.  You can use your trust to avoid many possible difficulties for yourself and your family.  We can assist you in setting up your trust, and we can be your trustee if ever we are needed. 

Trust Under Will

How can you provide for the continuing management of your assets after death?  One answer is a trust under will.  A trust under will (also known as a testamentary trust) is an arrangement you create in your will.  Under this arrangement, you direct your trustee to hold and manage certain assets after your death for the benefit of your family or other beneficiaries.  Your trustee distributes trust income and principal at the times and in the manner you have set forth in your will.

Agent for Executor

You’ve been named executor of a deceased person’s estate, perhaps a close friend or relative.  You are now faced with the huge responsibility that accompanies the job of managing another person’s estate.  Consider using our services as agent for executor.

Investment Services

We have the professional skills and experience to serve your financial needs and your family’s.

Farm Management

UCB has access to professional farm management in all areas, including crop and livestock marketing, lease negotiations, managing of funds, and all record keeping for tax purposes.

The Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust can be your flexible problem solver – providing continuing investment management, protection for your financial affairs if you become disabled, simplified management for your estate, and more.  You always have overall control because of your continuing option to make any changes you need.  And you can rely on our skill and experience as trustee.

The Family Partner Trust Account from United Community Bank

If you have a parent or grandparent incapacitated or in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, United Community Bank Trust Department offers a flexible, problem solving service that can provide:

  • Financial peace of mind for your loved ones
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure assets are properly invested…within YOUR risk parameters
  • Timely collection of interest and dividends
  • Bills paid on time
  • Safeguarding of your assets
  • Arranging for tax return preparation
  • Full disclosure to any or all family members you choose
  • Relief to family members responsible for managing your financial affairs
  • Free estate planning consultation


Jim Peak

Executive Vice President, United Community Bank
[email protected]


  • Graduate of Brescia University, Owensboro
  • Graduate School of Banking of the South, LSU
  • CPA
  • CTP (Certified Treasury Professional)
  • Cannon Trust School
  • 25 years in banking