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Loans & Mortgages

Loan Products. The Bank’s lending services include consumer loans to individuals; commercial loans to small businesses, loans to agriculture-related businesses, and real estate loans. The Bank offers a full range of short- to medium-term commercial and consumer loans, including both secured and unsecured loans for working capital (including inventory and receivables), business expansion (including acquisition of real estate and improvements), and purchase of equipment and machinery.

Commercial loans carry additional risks since they usually involve larger loan balances to single borrowers or a related group of borrowers. It is the Bank’s policy to secure these loans with collateral in most cases.

The Bank recognizes that farming and ag-related businesses are very important to our economy; therefore, we offer several types of loans to agricultural customers.

Consumer loans include secured and unsecured loans for financing automobiles, home improvements, education, and personal investments.

The Bank also offers permanent mortgage loans through the secondary market. The Bank recognizes that many residential loan applicants do not meet the secondary market underwriting requirements; therefore, they retain several of these loans in their in house portfolio. These are mostly variable rate loans, which provide asset/liability management flexibility.

In addition to deposit and loan services, the Bank offers phone banking, limited cash management services, investment sweep accounts, safe deposit boxes, travelers’ checks, official checks, wire transfers, direct deposit of payroll and social security checks, and automatic drafts for various accounts. We offer specialized private banking services to individuals and corporations with business operations in Union County and surrounding areas. We offer our services through a variety of delivery systems including branch offices, automated teller machines, telephone banking, and online banking. The Bank is a member of a network of automated teller machines that may be used by customers in major cities throughout the United States and in various cities worldwide. The Bank offers VISA and/or MasterCard debit and credit cards and merchant credit card processing to its customers through third party vendors.

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