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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to close my account and open a new one?  No.  Your account will carryover to United Community Bank – no changes are necessary.
  2. Will my direct deposits and automatic payments transfer to UCB?  Yes.  We will work with you to get all of your activity transferred over.
  3. What about my lock box?  Your lock box located at Dixon Bank will need to be closed before April 15th.  We have lock boxes available at our Poole, Clay, and E Main offices and will be happy to help you get a new box.
  4. When do I need to begin doing my banking at United Community Bank locations?  You will continue to transact your teller transactions at the current Dixon Bank location through late April.  We will communicate with you an exact date closer to that time. 
  5. How long will my current Dixon Bank checks be accepted?  You can continue to use your Dixon Bank checks for an extended period of time (up to 6 months).  


We understand that change can be confusing and sometimes stressful!  We want to make this transition as easy as possible.  We hope these answers will ease your mind, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.  We would love to meet you and answer any questions or concerns! 

Effective 2-24-22:  Dixon Bank customers can use any UCB ATM with no fee.